#TrainTougher with The Tire Iron™

Unlock the true potential of your tire with The Tire Iron™!

The Tire Iron™ attaches onto with the tire in your gym to become the ultimate tool for punishing strongman workouts and calorie burning HIIT sessions. Lock in weights for your flips and lifts to build full body strength, use the handles to lift the tire for a killer twist on deadlifts and farmer walks, or pair with ropes/bands for cardio, drags, and group work.

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Teamed With A Legend

Joe Carini has spent 20+ years training NFL superstars such as Tiki Barber and LaDainian Tomlinson to perform at their highest possible level at his gym Carini’s House of Iron in Pine Brook,New Jersey. With experience as a highly decorated powerlifter (6x NJ Strongest Man, 1st Man in NJ to Total Over 2100 lbs), Joe has worked to elevate countless athletes to their physical peak. Beyond training NFL superstars, Carini’s House of Iron is the premier gym in the area for DI/ high school athletes, powerlifters, law enforcement, members of the armed forces, and anybody with the drive to push their body to the physical limit. AFS Equipment has teamed up with this legend to develop the best training equipment to make you AS STRONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.


A Look At The Technology

Ergonomic Handles:  The handles on The Tire Iron™ are specially designed to perfectly fit your hands for lifts.  The handles can also act as an anchor point to secure your feet during core workouts.  The handles pair nicely with a wide range of attachments including resistance bands, battle ropes, carabiners, and many more.

Extendable Fit:  The adjustable sliding arms allow The Tire Iron™ to be installed on any tire with a bead diameter of  24 "-  28" and 10"+ height.  That range covers the most popular sizes of exercise tires found in Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit gyms around the world.

Weight Securing: The Tire Iron™ can load in excess of 400 pounds using weights you already own (2" diameter hole).  The plates are locked in with a weight clamp along with a pin fastener.  The multiple pin holes on the loading bar allows for any amount of weight to be fastened securely for flips and any other workout you choose to use The Tire Iron for.

Bead-Lock Technology: The Tire Iron™ installs onto the bead of the tire.  The bead is the strongest part of a tire and can handle massive amounts of force with relative ease.  The Bead-Lock allows for easy installation and mounts The Tire Iron™ without needing to puncture or damage the tire in any way.

The Tire Iron™ is Patent Pending

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